Last night there was a carnival with popcorn, cotton candy, nachos, a dunk tank, fun photos, wagon rides and music. After enthusiastically diving into all the entertainment, the campers relaxed on the wagon rides under the cool, clear night skies. And then it happened: pirates stole Julio’s mysterious trunk full of goodies. This meant only one thing—a slew of wet campers walking the plank as they played the Pirate game; but a camper’s gotta do what a camper’s gotta do.

Today is the last day that Tenth Avenue North will be here to worship with us, but they aren’t letting that put a damper on their silly shenanigans. This morning during chapel, the campers again had to scramble around to see who had the clothespin. Unfortunately for Corey, it was clipped to his pants. At first Mike Donehey had Corey pretend to play the saxophone like Frank did earlier in the week. But, when Mike asked the campers if they thought it was enough they all shouted no! So the mother of all things gross, the reason for why people don’t want the pin, became Corey’s new challenge.

Mike brought out the Happy Shake ingredients and Corey’s face twisted up into an “OH NO!” expression. Mike pureed a combination of French fries, hamburger, apple slices, and orange soda and poured it into a McDonald’s cup for Corey to drink. He was only able to drink 1/4th of the vile smelling drink so Julio elected Bill Richie, the craft director’s husband, to drink the rest. Bill said it was chewy but he still managed to down the rest of the shake. As a reward for drinking the shake, they each got to spin the wheel of prizes. Corey received a free treat at the snack shop, while Bill got a free Tenth Avenue North bracelet. What a way to start the day! I’m sure Corey won’t look at a McDonald’s Happy Meal the same way ever again.

Planned recreation was Ga-Ga Ball, where the campers attempted to be the last one in the ring. They were allowed to hit the ball with their hand and had to dodge the ball, but they were out if it hit them. Great fun! Some of the other campers played a game called Ninja, where they used their hands to “slice” their opponents’ arms. Once the craft shop opened during free time, the campers used duct tape, bleach and vinegar to create designs on shirts. Some of the patterns were really cool looking. By the way, the winners from yesterday’s Corn Hole tournament were Jonny Ellett and Ruben Juarez, Tenth Avenue North’s bassist and merchandise stand operator. Wouldn’t you know it that the one who came up with the tournament in the first place would win it?

See more photos at the Junior High 2 Picasa page.

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