Well, today is a very cloudy “threaten to pour on your head” kind of day. A lot of the kids I’ve noticed are staying in the retreat center with their parents. There are a few daring children who still insist on going swimming in the lake with their parents nearby, of course. So in spite of the rain, the lifeguards are still being kept busy.

There are groups of adults and older kids scattered about under trees and on the porch of the motel having lengthy discussions reminiscing about the good old days when they were campers and or counselors. Telling stories of their experiences with rain storms during the many weeks of Camp they attended.

I’ll never forget the time I was at Camp Meeting for the first time with my parents when I was 8, still too young to be an official camper. I was sitting on the motel porch and when the rain started coming down on the other side of the lake, it was a strange sight to see. Then it started making its way across the lake toward the motel. It looked like a wall of rain slowly coming across the lake and then a bright flash of lightning and loud clap of thunder announced its awaited arrival. That flash of lightning took out the power in the boys’ dorm and some poor kid came running over looking all bewildered because he was in the bathroom when he was suddenly immersed in pitch blackness.

Dave Stevenson yelling and flailing his arms wildly at the group of boys on the big bridge that connects camp’s side with the other side of the lake, however, is my funniest memory. Somebody made an announcement over the bullhorn telling everyone to stay indoors, or if they wanted to still be outside, they had to be on the porch of either the motel or the retreat center to be safe. Wouldn’t you know it that a group of boys would be the first to test how much trouble they could get in on the first night? I’ll never forget that sight; it was a bizarre one if you ask me.

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