Name: Emily Heckman
Nickname: Em
Occupation: Youth Pastor
Home Church: Sharptown Church
Education: Lancaster Bible College- Bachelors of Science in Bible- Christian Life and Ministry Degree
Family: Husband- Phil, Kids- Ethan (6th grade) and Haylie (4th grade)
Years Attending Delanco Camp: Year #4
Years as Dean: First year as dean of summer camp- I’ve been the dean of Jr High for the last two retreats
Fondest Camp Memory: Watching anyone get shake and baked!
Favorite snack from the store: Chipwich
Favorite camp meal: Grease Night -not exactly a meal but I make it one!
Favorite camp activity: Worship and Chapel in the Tabernacle!
Favorite camp night game: Pirates
Elevator Testimony: I accepted Christ when I was 5 years old, was brought up in church, rededicated my life at 13 years old (at a Creation Festival), felt a call to ministry when I was 16 and I’ve been doing youth ministry ever since!

How did you first discover Delanco Camp? Mike Bill begged me to come out! hehe 🙂

What is a dean and what made you want to be a dean? The dean is basically the person with the highest “rank” at the camp, but does the least amount of work! JK I love the idea of being a dean because it gives me the opportunity to plan a week of camp and pour my heart into kids! Can’t beat it!

What’s the theme for your week and why? Our theme is “Living Extreme”- this year has been a year of extremes- between weather, economy and false end of the world prophecies- 2011 has been pretty crazy! We are going to spend the week looking at how people in the Bible endured extremes and lived “extreme” for God- and how they can inspire us to do the same!

Why should people come to camp the week you are in charge? Because it’s gonna be awesome!

What surprises do you have in store? Well… wait a minute- if I tell you then it isn’t a surprise anymore! BUT I do have three words for you: Tenth Avenue North!

What are you most looking forward to this summer? The time that I get to spend with teenagers- at camp, on mission trip, at church events! And of course taking my kids to the beach! Gotta love summer

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