Whether at a school assembly, youth rally or large Christian music festival, you may have encountered Reggie Dabbs before. One of the most sought after school and youth speakers in the nation, Dabbs is an incredibly dynamic communicator who has a knack for connecting with young people who dread assembly speakers.

I’ve had the privilege of hearing Dabbs speak on a number of occasions both in Christian conference and public school settings. While the setting dictates how in-depth he can go about the source for his strength and purpose, he is consistent in telling young people and adults the truth of who they are – somebody loved.

His new book, Reggie: You Can’t Change Your Past, But You Can Change Your Future, which he wrote with John Driver, details the moving story of how Reggie himself overcame the tragic true story of his birth and the repeated lies he was told growing up of how he was worthless and would never amount to anything.

While he slowly unfolds the complicated warts-and-all story of his past and the sordid details of the two ten dollar bills that resulted in his conception, Reggie also tells the story of his present and how God has used him and continues to use him (of all people!) to reach thousands of hurting people around the world.

Like one of his speeches or sermons, you’ll find yourself engaged from the get-go, hanging on his words, laughing at his anecdotes and brought to tears when he gets to the biblical heart of the matter.

Though he’s best known for his ability to speak to teenagers – in one particularly moving passage he shares how he was led by the Holy Spirit to reach out to a young man in the audience who it turns out had a gun and was planning on killing himself – Reggie’s story is one that people of all ages can appreciate and gain insight and inspiration from. We all, after all, have a past and we’re all in need of the same loving touch of the savior that rescued Reggie from a life of sin and brokenness and brought him into the light and fullness of a life committed to sharing Christ with others.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided by its publisher, Thomas Nelson

Click HERE to purchase a copy of this book at Christianbook.com (a portion of the sale will benefit Delanco Camp).

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