Anyone who has ever walked in sandals knows how dirty your feet can get. This is especially true if you live in Africa or attend Delanco Camp. During the “Passion Week” (the week before Easter) Jesus & the disciples would have traveled very far to be in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover Feast & no doubt would have had filthy feet.

John 13:3 says, “the Father has put all things under my power.” Jesus follows this statement by washing the disciples dirty, smelly feet. Why does Jesus do this if He has all the power in the universe, literally?

I think the answer is wrapped up in the deeper meaning of Easter. You see, for most of us Easter is only about Jesus having the power to rise from the dead. Dr. Dennis Kinlaw said this about Easter, “I’m glad Jesus has the power to rise from the dead, but I’m so glad there is something deep in the heart of God where He wants me to be with Him, so that He can be with me.”

This is the Good News of Easter. Jesus demonstrates what life in God looks like, a life of self-sacrificing love. He loves humanity enough to die on a cross, conquer death & even wash dirty feet. Whose life are you living for this Easter season?

John Rinehimer is a former camper and staff member at camp who has served as a missionary, speaker and worship team member out at camp. He lives in Louisville, Ky., with his wife, Erica, and son, Jackson, and works at Southeast Christian Church.

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