There were no controversial fouls, five-second calls or last second deflections in the Blog Madness second round but as some commenters have noted there was the appearance of some abnormal voting patterns as the 10th-seeded Turtle? shirt scored another upset to advance to the Round of 16.

The close match-up between Turtle? and the old-school green and white Delanco Camp shirt attracted 85 votes, 18 more than the second biggest vote collector in the round. Still, while this appears to be evidence of something fishy going on, a review by the head of referees for the Blog Madness Tournament Committee revealed that laziness on the part of voters not casting votes in the other match-ups is not, in fact, a violation of any tournament rules.

Turtle’s army might have a tougher time advancing in this round as they face the sixth-seeded What’s Your Story? shirt, one of three question mark T-shirts still alive in the tourney (we started out with five).

One of the biggest surprises from Round 2 was the survival of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, which defeated a shirt that seemed to be poised to make a run in Teen 2 2010’s More & More. The other surprise was that the 13th-seeded Honk If You Love Jesus continued its winning ways, becoming the lowest seed to make it to the Sweet 16 and one of only three double-digit seeds advancing. The third double-digiter was the 12th-seeded Gnome Sweet Gnome shirt. The special edition shirt printed for last summer’s staff outlasted the super cool-looking Recharge retreat shirt by one vote.

With the one seeds in the fray after a first-round bye, only the Classic Yellow shirt struggled against sentimental favorite Forget the Medal…I’m Going For the Crown. Unlike Butler in their defeat of Pitt, Forget the Medal just didn’t get enough breaks at the end to knock the top seed out. But this round promises to be more challenging for the top seeds as we narrow things down to the Elite 8.

Go vote…and make sure you vote in all of the match-ups so our good friend Turtle doesn’t keep having to shake off accusations that a fix is in.

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13 thoughts on “Blog Madness Sweet Sixteen

  1. I am hurt that people think something fishy is going on with my t-shirt winning. why can’t my t-shirt just win? for the record, i was losing the entire second round until mid-afternoon yesterday (when it was only a margin on two votes)…i asked a couple people last night to see if they wanted to vote for the madness and they did.

    other people are promoting other t-shirts too, i don’t see why i have to be named about shaking off accusations….

  2. relax dude…when you have a shirt with your face on it you become a target. Like Matt said, its all good fun.

  3. Plus I think its the random 10 votes you get at the last minute that people are questioning.

  4. It has 19 more votes than any other category. I’m not blaming you Andrew but its just fishy and hard to ignore.

    1. I think there are fans on the other side too voting. This is just a really popular match-up. My singling it out I’m sure didn’t hurt that.

      1. People need to vote for them all! I need help on certain t-shirts Im rooting for!

  5. All I know is according to my bracket I filled out before the first round is pretty accurate. The only shirt that is still in that I thought would have gotten knocked out was the New Logo shirt. I predicted State Pen. was going to upset the New Logo and go for a win streak until it lost to Duck Duck Wham

    1. I’ve been kicking myself for not having people turn in their bracket predictions before we started voting. Definitely going to have to do that next year for The Camp Food Fight. Or whatever it ends up being.

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