8 thoughts on “Discussion: Re-casting The Office

  1. Mike and Faith Ralph are all over Jim and Pam.

    I picture Darryl Duer as the Michael Scott character since he’s hilarious and larger than life.

    Dan Ulrich could be Ryan Howard because he has the eyewear for it.

    Julie Ulrich’s Barbie from last summer’s Toy Story game probably wouldn’t be that far off from the Erin character.

  2. Matt, I think KWolf was referring to the Darryl from the show, not from camp.

    Here is my unapologetic cast list:

    Michael Scott – Bodine
    Pam – Faith Ralph
    Jim – Ricky Lima (Holly Tate’s Fiance)
    Dwight – Darryl Duer
    Angela – Kelly Hallahan
    Ryan – Dave Hallahan
    Kelly – Leah Palamaro
    Andy – Matt Ralph
    Erin – Katelyn Farrow
    Kevin – CJ Caulfield
    Stanley – Chuck Thornley
    Darryl – Rich Dugan
    Roy – Mike Jones
    Meredith – I can’t go there.
    Phyllis – Linda Dugan
    Toby – Eric Ulrich
    Oscar – Kevin Strauch
    Gabe – Scott Lederer
    Creed – Rob Lewis
    Jo – Mama Ralph
    Michael Wallace – Dan Ulrich
    Jan – Julie Ulrich

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