Get out your Bibles! Read Jeremiah 9:23-24.

The Bible tells us clearly not to boast about ourselves. James 4:16 verifies “But you boast about your proud intentions. All such boasting is evil.” (ISV) it can hurt others feeling and without meaning to we can give others the notion that we think were the best thing since sliced bread. I’m not meaning to break any hearts or kill any spirits today but I have news for you. You are not worthy to boast about anything, you have nothing to brag about, and friend, neither do I. That is another reason why we shouldn’t do it.

As humans we are all sinners. You and I (Romans 3:23) “…have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (NIV). Because of this we still find ourselves boasting sometimes about what we did or what we have, where we went and who we’ve met. Theses things are not as valuable as the world or our sinful nature tells us they are.

So we’ve explored the very known facts, boasting about our own works is not holy nor pleasing to God. But if you have met my friend Jesus, you’ve got a lot to brag about! The deep stain that was left from sin is washed away because of His love like it tells us in Isaiah 1:8 “…’though your sins are like scarlet I will make them was white as snow. Though they are red like crimson I will make them as white was wool.” (NLT) The point of boasting is to show others what we’ve got and it can be done in all the wrong ways by talking about things that have no real meaning. We find out just how pointless this boasting is when we read Philippians 3:7 — “I once thought these things were valuable, but now I consider them worthless because of what Christ has done.” (NLT) With Him, it IS loss! What Jesus offers is so much more.

Our song today is about that. It’s “How Deep Our Father Love For Us” performed by Skillet. It has beautiful lyrics but the one that we are looking at today states “I will not boast in anything, no gifts, no power, no wisdom but I will boast in Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection.” As you praise God through song, meditate on those powerful words.

More verses that speak the truth spoke in this song include: Habakkuk 2:4 and Ephesians 2:8.

As mentioned many times throughout this devo, bragging for the glorification of yourself is a sin, but bragging to glorify our Lord, in other words, lifting His name high couldn’t be more right. 2 Corinthians 10:17 says “‘If you want to boast, boast only about the Lord.'” (NLT)

Dear Lord,
Let me not boast in myself, but in You and what You have done for me and in that let others hear about Your great love.

Proverbs 27:1,

This post was reprinted with permission from our friend Larissa Hess. Check out her Bible Time With Larissa Hess blog at

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