So I went to Delanco Camp this weekend and as usual it was perfection wrapped in a pretzal roll…or what not. I woke up in the morning, walked outside with my sweats, then said hi to all the lovely people in the kitchen and whoever would walk by. I poured a cup of joe, put a crazy amount of sugar in it (might explain my goofiness) then walked out to the flag-less pole and a whole bunch of us just sang worship songs. It was amazing! So here are just a few things from the weekend that totally just blew my mind.

1. Being told I couldn’t be anymore beautiful by a coworker/roomate/friend/phellow phillies phan.
2. Scott and Meg Rambo visiting with Tim, who is so adorable (if that even explains it) and their new baby Benjamin!
3. Countless hugs.
4. Learning new things about people, meaning the deep things of their heart, like what fruit they like to eat hahaha.
5. Baked Ziti made by a fabulous volunteer kitchen staff.
6. Campers doing an incredible job sweeping the Tabernacle and their dorms!
7. Campers raising their hands in worship to “God With us” by Tenth Avenue North.
8. Hearing that the Phillies came back by countless people, and seeing the excitement in the campers who were Phillies fans!
9. Letting a two year old help me ring the bell for service ;)!
10. Taking photos with people I love on the last day!
11. Late night kitchen raid and conversation that could go any which way.
12. Being told I was loved just because I brought a power strip to someone who originally asked for an extension cord…was not thinking at that moment I guess.
13. A few friends that I know of raising their hand in worship while they were consoling someone. Perfect imagry of Jesus feeling people’s pain and worshipping his father at the same time!
14. Hot coffee with a lot of sugar.
15. Teaching someone a path to the Chapel in the pines!
16. Jesus’s boat stores, and being reminded that Peter also walked on water by faith, he was only human! Look what we can do with enough faith.
17. Secret missions…I can’t tell you…it’s a secret.
18. Trash run with the Drid in the truck with the loudest engine ever!
19. A million people there that had my name…got confusing sometimes!
20. Campers who wanted to chat with me about stuff, and just doing stuff for them was fun!
21. Playing guitar and watching people play guitar.
22. Early morning worship, “I got a river of life flowing out of me!”
23. Smiley fries!
24. Testimonies around a fire.
25. The new song “Our God” by Chris Tomlin.
26. Being asked “Em Taylor, why have you not hugged me in the last hour?”
27. Eating with different people for every meal.
28. Fudge bar!
29. Seeing people at camp that I didn’t think were going to be there.
30. Just becoming a better person every minute there!
31. Wearing sweats practically the whole time.
32. Reenacting Titanic (not the sad parts) “I’m flying Jack! I’m flying!”
…might be more to come!

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