(From Left) Kevin Strauch, Jason Costomiris, Mike Bill and Dan Ulrich

The camp’s stockholders gathered for their annual meeting on Saturday afternoon in the dining hall and elected new members to the board of directors and a new slate of officers for the 2011 calendar year.

Mike Bill was elected president, Daniel Ulrich vice president, Kevin Strauch treasurer and Jason Costomiris secretary. Their terms begin in January 2011.

Elected to the board of directors were Nina Crain and Scott Lederer, who both will be filling unexpired terms (class of 2011) and class of 2013 members Rev. Carlton Bodine Jr., Rick Court, Darryl Duer, Brandon Cobb, Daniel Ulrich, Eric Ulrich and Cheryl Turk.

In other business, Andrew Robertson, Rich Dugan, Rachael Bill and Emily Heckman were approved as new stockholders.

On behalf of all of the stockholders, I would like to thank Laurie Rambo for her exemplary service as president and outgoing directors Sherry Gaventa, Josh Hallahan and Steve Tucker for all of their hard work and dedication.

I concur with CJ Caufield, our camp coordinator, when he mentioned during his report to the stockholders how lucky we are as an organization to have so many talented and committed people who are willing to sacrifice their time and talents for our Lord.

3 thoughts on “New directors, officers elected

  1. Congrats to the new electees and THANKS to the outgoing! This is a wonderful service in our Lord's name.

  2. wow praise the Lord! I got chills reading this post and seeing our new officers. I think…rather I KNOW that God will use these men in awesome ways to lead the camp forward. Thank you to Laurie for her years of service and leadership. She was used by God to challenge the camp and bring the camp to a wonderful place. To God be the glory!

  3. I want to thank Matt Ralph for all his hard work on this blog as well as so many other things he does tirelessly behind the scenes with no recognition. Way to go Matt, thanks for all you do for us.

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