I’m leading a class this week out at Junior High II in which I’m trying to encourage creativity in my students. Going along with the theme of Small Is The New Big, I had my first two classes on Monday build with large Lego blocks and talked about Jesus’ parable about the wise and foolish builders. After the two structures were built – class one built a Lego man they nicknamed Pablo and class two built a car – judges decided which one would be kept and which would be destroyed.

Since the team that built Pablo was chosen to have their structure kept intact, it meant they got to destroy the other team’s structure during free time. The above video shows the result of that destruction – an illustration of what happens to our lives when we build them on anything other than the rock that is our savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

On a side note, it’s also a good illustration of what happens when you give junior high kids permission to destroy.

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