During Team Time today, teams had to get one a post-it note as high as possible onto a telephone pole. Most people preferred the stand on shoulders method which worked well for some teams (i.e. Gary Langel’s [who is 10 foot 4 inches tall, at a minimum] team, The Penguins.) but not so well for others. In the end, the Lobsters pulled it out by an inch over the five other teams who all got their post-its in the same general area. Worry not, parents, all kids were safely spotted as they were hoisted up the pole.

We had pizza for lunch today, complete with Thanksgiving, Buffalo Chicken, Pepperoni, Broccoli and Cheese pizzas, just to name a few. I convinced a few kids to try the Turkey Day Feast and all thought it was spectacular. So, there ya go parents, turkey with stuffing, gravy, cranberry and mashed potatoes will satisfy three of your kids’ appetites.

Chris challenged us to not put God in a box or to limit God, especially when it comes to judging others based on appearance. He talked about how Samuel did just that with David. He judged him on appearance instead of what God could do through him. We looked at some famous people who weren’t the most attractive, or to use an Asbury term, weren’t “eye candy” for the rest of us. Thank you, Dr. Schell, for that term.

Our night game is essentially a version of messy food night. For those not in the know, messy food night originated in the mid-90s and in a nutshell, gave us a reason to get dirty, like drenching a slip n’ slide with ketchup or disgusting food competitions. You get the idea. We’re doing the same thing except with baby food. Gross.


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