I remember my first time at Church Camp.

I was 13 years old (which, sadly, was 18 years ago) and I was attending One Way Camp and Jummonville in Western Pennsylvania. There were over 100 students 7-12 grade at Camp and it was an awesome experience. One experience stood out from the rest. It came from an unlikely source.

His name was Billy. Billy the Bad Egg. At least that is how he described himself. He was a high school student…and while he described himself as a “Bad Egg,” he was more of a mischevious egg. On Thursday evening, the camp held TNT Night (Talent-N-Testimony Night) where the campers share their talents and testimonies. Billy got up and said something I will never forget.

Simply, he spoke of the importance of our Bibles. His was tattered and torn. He told us that our Bibles were tools that were to be used. We were to read them, study them, write in them, highlight them and do all we could to allow God’s Word to permeate our hearts. He said our Bibles should not look shiny and new, but tattered and abused because we’d been reading and studying God’s Word.

I believed him. His Bible was beat up- the cover held together by Duct Tape and a Petra sticker. His testimony spoke to me at 13 years old on the importance of reading and studying God’s Word. It’s how God communicates with us. It’s how we mature in our faith- how we grow closer to God.

If you’re reading this blog- you’ve likely attended Delanco at some point, and if you’re a student I pray you’ll attend this summer. But I want to ask the question- how is your relationship with God? Do you continue to dig into God’s Word? Are you participating in church, youth group, Bible studies, or small groups that help you grow in your faith? Are you listening to God’s voice?

Camp is just about five short months away. You don’t have to wait until camp to have this incredible experience with God. It can happen each time we open up our Bibles to listen to God’s voice. Who knows- maybe it will be you sharing with your friends the importance of God’s Word!

Steve LaMotte is the co-dean for Junior High I on July 4-10. He is also a pastor at Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford, DE.  He is married to Andrea and they have, quite possibly, the cutest girl in the world, Abbie. Steve blogs at**

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  1. I know for a fact that there are a number of former “bad eggs” now volunteering and in leadership at the camp. It’s always a cool thing to see how God can use bad eggs to build the kingdom.

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