A short while ago we asked you to help Delanco by providing names of people who might be interested in serving Jesus through ministry at camp. There are so many ways people can serve! Below are some of the ways you can help Delanco be the best it can be and be a vital part of making Delanco a place where people of all ages can experience the love of Christ and be transformed by His saving and sanctifying power. If you can help in any of these areas, please contact CJ Caufield at 609-859-2262 or cjcaufield@delanco.org.

You never know how a clean dorm room or a quiet gazebo might change someone’s eternity.

Volunteer Needs.
Volunteers who are interested in working as part of an off-season cleaning team. They could choose some folks with whom to work and/or be linked up with others interested in same. Duties would include cleaning buildings and bathrooms after retreats and other rental groups. It would probably be a 2-3 hour commitment during available weeks, most anytime during the Monday-Thursday timeframe with some exceptions. Cleaning supplies would be provided by camp. Opportunities are also available for summer beginning next season on Saturday mornings and afternoons.

Qualified volunteer plumber to check the status and operability of all pieces of the retreat center heating system. Experience needed!

Volunteer needed to evaluate development of master system with sub-systems.

Volunteer contractors and/or construction teams for various projects throughout the year.

Volunteers interested in working on the ecosystem of the wetlands we have including the lake, stream, and pond.

Volunteers who are experts in the arena of erosion and affiliated control.

Please share these needs with people you know. We need you to spread the story of Delanco and share how people can join in where God is at work.

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  1. definitely contact CJ about that. I’m sure there’s something at Delanco Camp that could use some construction. Thanks for the inquiry!

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