By Kim Zayac

This year at Delanco, the theme for Teen II was “Living On Purpose.” We were taught throughout the week to be “rebels” for Christ, because, quite frankly, not many teens our age are doing that. We were taught to stand out in our faith, and live “on purpose” for Jesus.

We spent the week in classes that were taught by Jenny and Jon Falcone, Julio and the Rambos. Each class had a different theme. Jenny’s class was about promises and John’s was about listening. In the Rambo’s class, we were taught more about Uganda and what they would be doing to serve God in Africa. And in Julio’s class, we talked about our futures and what we thought our purpose in life was.

In Jon Falcone’s class, we had to sit and listen to the silence for ten minutes. When he asked us to do it, right away I was like, “Oh yeah, this is going to be so easy.” I was really surprised at how increadably difficult it was to just sit and listen. I was constantly thinking of something else, my mind drifting. Or something would catch my attention and I would lose focus on what I was supposed to be doing. Listening to the voice of God is a really difficult thing to do, but John told us with practice, we’d be able to do it. Now I’m looking forward to just shutting up and listening :).

Personally, I think the highlight of my week was the service on Wednesday night. Upon entering the Tabernacle, we all had to pick up a stick or a log outside and bring it in with us. I remember thinking, “What the heck?” But at the end of the service, we were told that the log was representitive of the thing in our life that held us back from giving God our all. The log stood as a symbol for the piece of your life that you weren’t willing to give up to God. Then, once we left the Tabernacle, we were supposed to go down to the fire ring and burn it. And Scott Rambo said, “Once you put something into fire, it can’t come back.” It was just a really emotional experience for me personally, and I feel like it helped me grow in my faith. Letting go of something in your life that’s holding you back can be so relieving; the pressure from it just disappers once it’s gone. And letting go and giving into God is the most awesome feeling, and I definitely felt that during the week at camp.

Teen II this year was, in my eyes, a huge success. We all had tons of fun playing the night games and in planned rec. The devotionals and services were great, Jamie Damm was an awesome speaker and I believe that every camper got something out of the week. The verse on our T-shirts for the week was 2 Corinthians 5:5, which says; “Now it is God who has made us for this very purpose and has given us the Spirit as a deposit, garunteeing what is to come.” I encourage everyone who was at camp this past week, and also those who weren’t, to live for a purpose, and to live for God.

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