Our fourth question:

What is your favorite Delanco Camp memory?

kellyhKelly Hallahan, Middler Camp
“Just one favorite??? A dear old memory is going across the lake to Mom Bodine’s house for children’s time during Camp Meeting. Playing the fish game and singing Bible songs! Or stargazing out on the soccer field… Or sitting in quiet worship in the tabernacle after the service.”

jeffwJeff Wolheter, Junior High 2
” Last year was my first year, but I don’t know if I have one favorite memory.  I have a ton of great memories from the whole week.”

rickycourtRicky Court, Teen 2
“I think the ‘right’ answer is to say the day I met my wife at Delanco.  She wasn’t my wife then; as a matter of fact, when we met we were hardly even friends. I then spent the next several years ‘befriending’ her. And now we’ve spent the last 19 years becoming really good friends.
I have too many favorite memories to list. And several I can’t list or I’d never be allowed to be evangelist. 

Here are a few camper memories – my first ever ‘woods game’; putting a car in the tabernacle during Camp Meeting; hiding a staff member’s car in the woods during Teen Camp; pushing a car off the grounds so we could go to the diner and not get caught by Frank Brown, but got caught by Frank standing at the end of the road.
Here are a few staff memories – working on permanent staff for 6 summers (back when permanent staff was 3 people!); eating meals at Mom & Pop’s house during the ‘off weeks’ (yes, back in my day camp had “off weeks”); playing rook all night, and then regretting it in the morning; stealing a golf cart (several times); and breaking into the camp store, after Campland Security had raised the threat condition to red – oh wait a minute, some of these are on the ‘can’t list’ list.”

cj1CJ Caufield, Junior Camp
“For me, this memory is a tangled memory. My favorite memory is the overall experiences of life, God, fun, eternity, love, friendship – mixed together. Longstanding friendships, great stories of late-night fun and conversation, horse rides, the horse ministry, theological discussion and debate, mischief, extended services around the altar in the tabernacle, deep relationships – all of these are hard for me to separate. ”

jdJohn DiGiamberardino, Camp Meeting
“One of favorite memories is when we played manhunt and CJ Caufield put a dog coller around his neck that would beep every minute. The problem he had was that it would also give him a shock.”

mikeys1Mikey Stephens, Jr. High 1
“I have too many awesome memories of Delanco Camp to write down. However, my fondest memory is just spending time with all my friends and the great staff that was serving there.”

shanesmithShane Smith, Junior High 3
“Where do I begin…There are so many great memories. I would probably have to say the ‘Impact’ the camp has left on my children. The last two years, I have brought them with me and my son said – it is his best experience. It meant a lot to me to see my kids embraced and loved by people I love so much.”

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