cover_350playThere’s been quite a bit of excitement for Delanco Camp regulars Tenth Avenue North lately because of their recent Dove Awards nomination for New Artist of the Year (you can vote for them if you haven’t already at This is what some of their fans are saying. Feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments.

“You guys saved my life. I was going through a really tough time. My world was crashing down on me. Then I heard your song ‘By Your Side’. It gave me hope. I got chills. That song touches me every time I hear it. I swear, your voice fades away and all I can hear is God whispering in my ear ‘don’t fight these hands holding you’.” –Tiffany

“Your music has really honestly changed my life and helped me to realize how far away I was running from God and how badly He wants me to just rest in His hands.” –Pam

“The song ‘By Your Side’ started to play on K-Love and I began truly envisioning not only Christ’s hands holding me, but also my dad’s big old hands, my mom’s arthritic crippled hands, and my husband’s hands, all right there holding me up and helping me face each day. I had to pull the car over and submerse myself in that moment.” –Sarah

“The lyrics say EXACTLY what I’ve been wanting to hear from God for so long and what I want to say to him. I sobbed the first several times I heard ‘Love is Here’ and ‘By Your Side’.” –Laurie

“The lyrics to all of your songs fill me with hope and the reality that nothing can separate me from His love.” –Gina

“The first time I heard ‘By Your Side’ it was as though the Lord was truly speaking right to me. I had just lost my Dad and the Lord confirmed not only was He with me, but my Dad was with Him!” –Rhonda

“The song that caught my ear and made me find you was ‘By Your Side’. What a special love song from God to me at this point in my life. I’m a newly single mother of 4. Your song reminded me that I’m not alone and that God’s love is enough. Thank you.”

“Since being set free from drugs and alcohol I decided to make a trip back home to Chicago for Christmas. The song ‘By Your Side’ was the only thing that held me together during my stay.” –Trista

“Everything that you said at the concert got me thinking and pumped me up to continue molding my life like Christ’s.” –Kendall

“Your song ‘Let It Go’ has completely changed my life. I am now giving every moment to him to do with it what he pleases. Your songs have given me the encouragement needed to help her through these tough times.”–Ben

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