Often when I talk about Delanco Camp people will ask me questions about where the campers who come here are from, what type of church backgrounds they have, etc.

I usually repeat what our Web site says about being an inter-denominational Holiness camp in southern New Jersey. I always make it clear that we do not receive any direct support from a specific denomination, but instead rely on private donations and individual church congregations to support us.

Looking over the registrations from last summer, it’s pretty obvious we are every bit the diverse group we like to say we are.

Some things I learned about the campers from this past summer:

1. They came from 103 different communities in six different states. Most came from New Jersey, but we did have some from Delaware, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland and even Michigan.

2. More came from the city of Millville than from any other community. Sicklerville was a close second. Egg Harbor Township was not too far behind.

3. They attend 105 different churches. Many are United Methodist, but there are several who attend non-denominational churches and others who attend Catholic, Baptist, Nazarene, Assemblies of God and Lutheran churches.

4. More attend Sicklerville UMC than any other church. Zion UMC, 2nd UMC in Millville and Sharptown UMC are also well represented.

One of the things I love about talking to Rev. Carlton Bodine Jr. is that he tells the coolest stories connecting the dots of people associated with Delanco Camp over the years. In every story he has about a connection of a camper, a counselor, a Christian college or seminary, a pastor, a community or a church, there is a lesson about the faithfulness of God and how he uses people to make a difference building his kingdom.

It’s often hard for us to see the bigger picture of the impact we can make, especially when we are struggling as a camp with finances or disappointed with the turnout of a particular camp or program, but when you take into account that about 500 kids came to camp this summer, from more than 100 towns, 100 churches and five states, you start to realize how much of an impact a little Holiness camp in the Pine Barrens can make on southern New Jersey, the Delaware Valley, the United States and the world. That’s a powerful thing.

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  1. Thanks for that great reminder, Matt! it is easy to lose sight of our purpose when we are struggling to maintain simple details- but it’s true that camp is having an impact for the kingdom… and that everyone of us is a part of that!

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