Junior High 1 was awesome. The theme of the week was Trapates (Setapart). The reason Setapart was chosen for the camp theme is because as Christians we should try to be different from the crowd and not let ourselves be ruled by the latest fads. Instead we should let God rule our lives and not be afraid to show it. If we live a setapart life then when people ask us why we are different we can tell them that we are different because Jesus Christ is our Savoir.

This message of being setapart from those who don’t know God has really inspired me to try to not be like everyone else. Being setapart isn’t always easy when the world is telling you to go with the crowd. Although it would be easy to go with the crowd, just remember that there are other people in the world that are also trying to live setapart lives for God.

To go along with the theme, we did everything backwards on Yadsendew (Wednesday). We also had the Gladiator Games for most of the afternoon. My favorite Gladiator Game was jousting. As usual the food at Delanco was great. We all had a great time praising the Lord and making new friends at Junior High 1.

If you weren’t there you missed out on a really fun week. 

Brandon Merriell lives in Woodbury and attends Kemble Memorial UMC. Long before he was a camper at Delanco, Brandon became famous for his signature line “wrapped in duct tape” and for his wrestling. 

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