Jr. High 1 Evangelist Steve LaMotte posted a report this morning from the Medford Dunkin’ Donuts about the week so far at camp on his personal blog. Be sure to keep him in prayer as he brings a message of hope, salvation and Holiness to the young people at camp.

The theme this year is Set-Apart. I have been using 1 Peter 1:13-16 as the basis of my talks on leading a Set-Apart life. It’s challenging to communicate to a middle school student the need to be set apart through their faith rather than blending into the crowd. It is so much easier to blend in with what is going on around us. Tonight, I am speaking on holiness, specifically God’s call for us to live a life that reflects His Holiness. I am pretty set for tonight. I need to work on Thursday and Friday.

It has been hot at camp this year. (isn’t that camp though?) I’ve been helping to lead worship this year, and I sweat through everything before I even get a chance to speak. It’s crazy! It rained some over night, so hopefully it will cool things off some.

Check out his blog here.

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