Name: Bill Shultz

Nickname: none, really.
Years on permanent staff: rookie year 
Years attending Delanco Camp: 5
Age: 16
Hometown: Logan, NJ
High school/college/graduate school/seminary:  have not graduated from anything…except pre-school, where they were generous enough to give me a diploma with purple dinosaurs on it. but, i do currently attend Kingsway Regional High School.
Home church:  Bethesda United Methodist Church
Favorite foods: ice cubes
Favorite music:  rock/post hardcore
Favorite movies: the Matrix trilogy
Favorite sports teams: Pittsburgh Steelers, baby
Favorite Delanco Camp memory: worship services
Bible verse you think speaks most to where you are right now: Romans chapter 12…the whole chapter
Do you have a hidden talent? I make some pretty wicked macaroni and cheese
When did you become a Christian? Summer of my 7th grade year
What made you want to work at camp this summer?  I felt really called to be a part of the ministry that brought me to the cross
What are you looking forward to most this summer? Meeting and hanging out with different kids
Name something unique about you that didn’t come up in your permanent staff interview.  My interview was so weird I don’t even remember…We most likely didn’t discuss that my way extended family owns the Steelers, however.

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