ryanmoran.jpg(Photo: Ryan Moran solves a rubics cube in seconds at Jr. High 2 last summer)

Hello my name is Ryan Moran. I’m 16 years old, and I currently attend Clearview Regional High School. I first started going to Delanco at the age of 11, it was my first time actually going and seeing the camp. My brother went before me and loved it so I had to go and see what everything was all about. That camp changed my life forever.

From there forward I started devoting my life to serve Jesus Christ our Lord. I went to “Ralph” camp for two more years and this last year I went back to the camp as a CIT(counselor in training). It was amazing the difference in seeing what it was like from the staff as opposed to being a camper. I was able to talk to a lot of campers and become friends, which I’m still in contact with today.

Just helping someone on their journey to find Christ is amazing. You would be surprised how many campers would be willing to talk to someone that they have never even seen before. At that age there is just so much going on in their minds they just need some time to let it all out. They are very often confused about right and wrong and what they should and shouldn’t be doing and all that we, as counselors, do is guide them to the light of Christ. Now there is obviously a bunch of work that goes into setting the whole camp up, but to see all the younger kids coming to Christ is definitely worth it.

Believe me I’m not saying that I even did a fraction of it, because I probably didn’t but once your outside looking in at the camp you can see it.

I had probably the best year last year as a counselor rather than a camper, as a camper you sort of just go through the motions that everyone else does, I’m not saying that they aren’t good or in fact glorifying God but, it just warms my heart to see all the kids praying at the altar and just coming closer to the lord. If you have any questions or response you can drop me a line a r_moran26@yahoo.com. God Bless, Ryan.

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