Josh Hamilton’s Redemption

If you hadn’t ever heard of Josh Hamilton or his story, chances are you’ve heard about him in recent weeks with his personal and team success over the mighty New York Yankees in the American League Championship series. The above video is from a website and ministry called I Am Second. It tells the story of Hamilton’s journey through drug and alcohol abuse and how Jesus’ death on the cross has ransomed him from death and destruction.

It also explains a little bit of the why behind the ginger ale celebrations in the locker room instead of the traditional champagne. As an organization in line with the holiness tradition, Delanco Camp is certainly on board with this way to celebrate. Perhaps we should have a big old ginger ale celebration of our own this summer.

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Greek for rock

Petra live in Norway in 1986 courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

For those of us who are old enough, there is “old Petra” and Petra. Petra, in the days of my youth, wrote songs like “More Power to Ya,” “Judas’ Kiss,” “The Coloring Song,” and many, many more. Why am I bringing this up? I was at work a few weeks ago, listening fondly to “Old Petra,” remembering how when I first became a Christian, they were the first Christian group I listened to. I remember feeling empowered, so glad I chose to become a Christian, and back in those days, Petra was considered pretty hard music, so it fit in nicely with what my peers were listening too.

I took my love of Petra to Delanco Camp, playing their songs on retreats, at summer camp, and basked in the sweetness of their powerful Biblically based songs. Listening to songs from my youth reminded me of camp, as I first started going to Delanco on youth retreats then eventually went to summer camp. I was still a young Christian, and like my first listen to Christian music, camp was very exciting and new.

Now, at 40-something years old, Petra is no longer together, but camp is, stronger than ever. I even worked this past summer on staff, and the experience was awesome! camp Delanco and Petra have a couple things in common, I thought. Both were instrumental in developing my Christian walk, and the legacy left by both Petra and Delanco Camp will last a lifetime for those who paid attention to what they had to offer.

Petra showed me it was cool to be a Christian, and Delanco taught me how to be a better one. Some music gets better with age, and in my opinion, Petra fits that category, and Delanco….Delanco definitely gets better with age! My kids now go there, and they are experiencing the same joys I did, minus the good music I had! It is fun to think of the good ol’ days, but for Delanco, her future looks even better.

What group is or has empowered you in your Christian walk? Answer in the comments.

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Albert Pujols’ testimony

As a diehard Cubs fan, this is a week I look forward to every year because it’s a time when all of my Phillies fan friends and I are on the same page rooting against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Fortunately for the Phillies pitching staff they only have to face Albert Pujols a few times a year, but while we both (my Phillies fan brothers and sisters in Christ) root against him on the field it’s good to be reminded of what he’s doing for the kingdom off the field and the witness he, one of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game, is to the saving power of Jesus Christ.

Above is a video where he shares a little bit of his testimony to St. Louis Rams fans after a game last November.