Extreme Steal the Bacon

I’d like to point out that the temperature today, when I woke up, was 56 degrees, when I went to bed last night, at midnight, it was 78. Wow. It’s quite a sensation when you go to bed wearing summer clothes and you wake up needing a sweatshirt to walk outside. Okay, so now that I got that out of my system.

Today, we played Steal the Bacon, except not the regular kind of Steal the Bacon. We played the Delanco Camp version of this game, which basically takes it to the extreme like everything else; see Duck Duck Wham for example. Instead of using a slice of bacon or whatever you used as a kid, we used a hula hoop, the giant soccer ball from our Delanco Camp Open Invitational World Cup Classic, a boundary cone, and a jousting stick.

Each participant paired up with someone on the opposite team of about equal height and weight and those pairs were given a number. If Joel, our games director for the week, called that number, that pair had to rush out to the middle of the field, grab as many items as they could and take them back to their own side. Each item was worth a point and the team with the most points won the game.

More often than not, wrestling matches ensued. One of the funnier ones to watch was our lifeguard, Rich, and our Dean of Men, David. Ya see, Rich and David are about the same height, in the six foot range, but David, maybe weighs about 180ish pounds, Rich weighs about 250ish pounds. So, every time they would meet in the middle, Rich would push David around like a rag doll. Gotta give David credit though, he held on for all his might but, Rich would often drag him back to his side with relative ease.

James talked in his sermon tonight about how life is a struggle, how life is a constant battle between sinful nature and life in the Spirit, and how we need to put our own sinful nature on the Cross. To quote James, “True freedom comes from dying.”

Good night,


Water Balloon Insanity

In keeping with the theme of beating the heat, today’s planned recreation was a game of Nukem with water balloons. To explain the rules of Nukem (I’m connecting with my inner child to describe this game.), it’s like volleyball, the server starts behind the line. But, instead of serving the ball over the net, the server has to throw the ball…er, water balloon, over the net. If you fail to catch the water balloon or it bursts on or near you, you were out of this round. But you got wet, so in the end, you really won.

We played a few rounds, girls versus guys, in which the girls won two out of three and counselors versus campers, which split their two games. After that, a massive water balloon fight took place…naturally. Teams were set on the fly, alliances were born, opponents were realized and the battle lines were drawn. I’ll be sure to keep you posted throughout the week if any battles start up throughout the week.

James spoke tonight about sacrifice, using the clip from LOTR: ROTK (that’s Lord of the Ring: Return of the King for those who aren’t fans of the series) where Aragon led the charge against the bad guys (okay…I don’t really know that much about the trilogy) to distract that big eye on top of the mountain from Frodo who was on his way up said mountain to drop the ring. He said we all make mistakes and we all must sacrifice to prevent us from falling into sin repeatedly.

We’re on our way to snack and a night game as Scott Rambo has just asked for us all to head over to the Dining Hall. Good night.