Color Olympics 2012

Color Olympics is a summer-long Color War competition that will be taking place among youth campers this year both at camp and at home. There will be opportunities to earn medals in specific activities announced each week and a few competitions that will take place the entire summer (see below).

Stay tuned here for information and updates.

Marathon Events
Collect candy bar wrappers – Earn a point for your team with each candy bar wrapper you collect and turn in to the camp store (make sure you let the storekeeper know what team you’re on). The team with the most points will win gold.

Tweet #delancocamp or @delancocamp – Use the hashtag #delancocamp or reference @delancocamp on Twitter (along with the color of your team). The team with the most uses of the hashtag or @references will win gold. Note: hashtags and @references must include a message and can’t be repeated.

Camp Shirt Photos – Going on vacation? Email a photo of you in your camp shirt with an interesting backdrop to Medals will be awarded based on number of submissions and most interesting backdrop.

I Love Camp Video – Make a video showing us why you love camp so much. Medals will be awarded figure skating-style by a panel of judges.

Theme Event – Create something (painting, design, sculpture, photograph, etc.) based on one of themes for our summer camps – Passport to Paradise (Junior Camp), The Right Stuff (Junior High I), Revive (Teen Camp), The Big Game (Junior High II) and In Training (Middler Camp). Send submissions to and be sure to include the name of your team.

Youth Group Challenge 2012 Winners

Congratulations to The Word church in Williamstown on their victory in the 2012 Youth Group Challenge held at the camp this past Sunday. For winning the challenge, they received a free weekend rental for their group and the coveted Golden Gnome trophy. The group was relatively new to camp (they were introduced by one of their youth, Ashley Seigman) so it took them a little time to get used to all of the sand everywhere, but they pulled it out in the end. Thanks to all of the other youth groups for participating in the challenge. Did your youth group miss out on the challenge? Join us next May for Youth Group Challenge 2013.

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