When God came to earth

As we approach the half way point in Advent, our focus remains on the Christ-child, that glorious day when God came to earth to make all things new.

I want to focus on one small part in the reading from the Book of Revelation, which is found in chapter 1, verse 8. Jesus says “I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End,” says the Lord, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” In the midst of waiting for the Child, we see in scripture that He always was. What a great thought!

While we shop, cook, decorate and get too busy, we try to fit in the Christ-child, and maybe go to church more often, and we look lovingly on the pictures of Jesus as a baby, but the passage from Revelation shows us He is, was and is to come, so in the midst of the waiting, He is already with us!

Imagine the people of His day, waiting for the promised Messiah, and He appears, angels singing His glory and new life God promised is upon them. We can have that joy, not just during Advent and Christmas, but every day, because He is with us, not just today, but as Scripture tells us, everyday, even until the end of time. Amen

Today’s Readings – Psalm 38, 119:25-48, Amos 8:1-14, Rev 1:17-2:7, Matt 23:1-12

Tom McCormick went to camp “back in the day” and is a volunteer and camp parent.

Lifelong friendships, eternal decisions


Junior Camp 2011 has come and gone. A week of great fun, intense heat and seeing many kids come to know Jesus deeper.

As Dean of Men for the second year, I was blessed to have so many kids return after last year and to see their growth. Camp is a place where lifelong friendships are made and eternal decisions are made, and the kids and staff made both. I would be amiss if i didn’t mention the hard work the Summer Staff did, for they went above and beyond to make sure we had a great time.

The classes for the kids were awesome, and the speaker for the week, Sarah Powell Lee was amazing! Not only did she bring the Gospel to the kids, she does a mean jump off the bridge! There is so much to discuss, the night time games, the fellowship, the swimming, free time, etc, but what I will remember most of all is the friendships that were made stronger and seeing Christians of all stripes worshipping Jesus, for that is what Camp is all about….bringing Jesus to the kids.

Lent Reflection: Increasing Faith


As we continue on in the second week of Lent, let us remember what Lent is. It is a time of deep reflection that leads us to ponder the Passion of Christ, a time of penance, sacrifice and hopefully we shall not leave Lent the same we entered.

In the Scriptures that are offered today for reflection, I would like to focus on the Gospel of St. John, 4:43-54. Here we have a ruler coming to Jesus, begging for his son to be healed. This is an interesting passage, for Jesus responded in a way that seems He is annoyed with being asked for Him to do miracles, even though He has only done one miracle up to this point! My guess is He has been asked many times to perform miracles, which is the reason Jesus seems annoyed. As we finish the passage, Jesus granted his request and the man left with a greater faith.

The issue was not the man asking…the issue was actual belief. The people in St. John’s Gospel would not believe in Christ unless they saw miracles, and how often are we the same way! We may not ask to see a great, mind-bending miracle, but we do ask for signs, as if that would increase our faith.

Lent is a time of seeking Jesus, contemplating His work for us and in us, soley trusting Him, period. No signs/miracles, no flashes of power, nothing except His presence. As we continue our journey, let us have our faith increased like the father did in the Gospel story, but unlike him, let us not ask for miracles, let us just ask for Him to become more real to us.