SarahAs the summer season quickly approaches, we’ve asked the Delanco summer staff to tell us a little about themselves!

  1. Name: Sarah Chambers
  2. Nickname (if you have one): None.
  3. Job: Communications Intern
  4. Age: 20
  5. Years on Summer Staff: This will be #3 (Kitchen Staff in 2011, Volunteer Coordinator in 2014)
  6. Years Attending Camp: 15
  7. High School/College: Eastern University
  8. Home Church: Sicklerville United Methodist Church
  9. Favorite Delanco Memory: There are so many! But nothing beats the first summer we moved up to camp in 2013. From the friendship of the incredible summer staff, memories like a failed tubing trip and late night stargazing and inside jokes, to counseling the best group of girls for Junior High 1 and 2, to making Delanco Camp my home it was just absolutely perfect!
  10. If someone made a movie of your life, which actor/actress would play you? I sort of love Anna Kendrick. (And we’re the same height, so there’s that.)
  11. You’ve been given access to a time-machine. Where would you go and why? I would love to go back in time and meet Jane Austen, or see a Shakespeare play at the original Globe Theater! (Can you tell I’m an English major?)
  12. What are you most looking forward to this summer? I’m excited to do something at camp that I have never done before and getting to interact with the campers in a way that’s different from all of the other roles I’ve had in the past.
  13. Favorite Bible Verse: Joshua 1:9.
  14. Briefly describe your testimony. Like most camp people, I grew up in a Christian home, raised by Christian parents. I got saved during a Junior Camp at the altar in the Tabernacle. However, I was never fully invested in my own relationship with Christ until I started high school. And my life has never been the same since!