Last night, our evening service was abruptly interrupted by a severe thunderstorm that turned into a tornado warning. After receiving the alerts regarding the weather, the deans stopped service and with the help of staff, rallied all the campers and adults together and we ran for shelter in the Retreat Center. Upon arriving at the Retreat Center, we huddled together in rooms and bathrooms with no or few windows for safety. The time spent in these rooms is a time I will not soon forget; after doing a camper and staff head count, we gathered as a body of believers and prayed for safety. To say God answered our prayers would be a true understatement as no one was hurt and nothing at camp was damaged. After time in prayer, the room I was in decided to go through the ABC’s and name characteristics of God:

A- awesome

And so on. I had never done this before, but it passed the time and kept our eyes fixed above in the midst of the storm.

When the severity of the storm passed over us, we remained indoors and played games before heading to bed. This is a night I will not soon forget; not only did I experience the Delanco Tornado 2014, but I was reminded of how God is everpresent in the time of our life storms. Whether it be a tornado warning, a thunderstorm, or a storm in life, God is always present.

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