The Dining Hall was turned into a Food Network-style cooking competition on Thursday afternoon as a few lucky campers joined some carefully selected staff members for Chopped: Junior Camp Edition.

Sporting white chef hats with their names on them, the campers and staff captains were split into three teams and given four ingredients, a table full of seasonings to share and 20 minutes to make a dish that would satisfy the picky pallets of the three judges (taking a page from celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s playbook, Becky Wrentzel was the hardest to please).


Despite some technical difficulties and a scuffle over some of the shared seasonings, the three teams completed a dish with some variation of chicken, pasta, cheddar cheese and potato chips. A lively crowd chanting the names of their favorite chefs added to the fun atmosphere. Once the judges weighed in and picked their favorite dish based one taste, presentation and creativity, campers had a chance to try each of the dishes them and decide for themselves which was best.

Something tells me there might just be a future head or assistant cook for camp in that bunch.



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