I am an absolute animal lover, all shapes and sizes, love them; however there are some creatures I’m not so fond of. Snakes, frogs, and animals of the like downright gross me out. I will kiss a fish but do not bring a frog near me, and when I say frog I’m talking like bullfrog, tree frog, toads, any of those little greenish creatures with the jumpy legs. I grew up in this town and I still jump or freak out when I see these little things.

I don’t know why, but for some reason the kids here this week love the frogs. You can walk outside and find them searching the streams for life. They like to catch as many as they can and then carry them around camp. Little frogs have become their weekly pets, but they’re catching new pets every day. It’s so gross. Today I had a scamper (staff kid/camper) chasing, literally running after me, with a stinking frog. At Memorial Day Weekend camp I had a kid drop a toad on me and I screamed; think roller coaster scary scream and that was me. A six year old with a toad versus a 21 year old college student and the toad won. Just something about these creatures grosses me out. I mean after all they were a plague so they obviously aren’t one of the best creatures, even God knows they’re gross. If I’d been around for that, I wouldn’t have survived.

Now, snakes are a story of their own. I touched a snake for the first time in my life yesterday and I can honestly say I would’ve lived without needing that experience. When I go to the zoo, I avoid the reptile house or wherever they are, I don’t even like to look at them in enclosures. This is another sought after creature this week. The kids know exactly where they live and about five minutes after free time starts you can find at least one kid with a snake. They let the little garden snakes slither through their hands and carry them around like accessories, EW. Satan appeared to Adam and Eve in a serpent and to me that means any snake is bad news, partially because of the bible story and mainly because I just really don’t like them. Something about their skin, the way they move, their tongues, their eyes, just everything is a deterrent for me.

If you ask them why they caught a frog or snake their answers are always “because I wanted to” and I just couldn’t imagine ever wanting to hold either of them. It’s not like it’s just the boys who fish for hours on end are catching them either, at some point there are more girls than boys out there. I used to think middle school girls might be little less into the slimy water creatures but I’ve definitely been proven wrong this week.

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