Think about this: if someone asked you to draw a picture of the first sin, what would you draw?

This morning our missionary, Emily Heckman, summarized the story of the first sin, had the campers write down key words, and then get in groups to draw what they saw when they thought of the first sin. I’m pretty happy I didn’t have to draw because I really have no clue what I would have drawn.

Ten groups got together and started brainstorming. They gathered around tables and windows trying to put together one picture for their ten collective thoughts, telling their own story of the first sin, talk about some talented kids. If I had drawn, think stick figures, bubble animals, and lots of scribbles. I walked out of the tabernacle to find someone and walked back in to masterpieces. Full people were drawn, the world, leaves, and pretty much everything I can’t draw they did.

When I think of the original sin I see two people in the most gorgeous garden, a python type of snake, a huge lush green tree with not too much fruit on it, a perfect blue sky, and pure bliss. It’s pretty neat to see other’s interpretations of the garden and the scene that occurred. Many times there was rain and lightning and or a sword in the picture, Adam and Eve are always sad, and there is some kind of wording to depict the bad choice.

While every picture is different and every story behind it the same it’s like every sin. All sins are different but worth the same, one thing we do doesn’t trump another, and sin is sin, always bad, always hold consequences. We all view it differently but it always has the same outcome, each group had a different explanation but all getting to the same point. It’s a cool illustration to think about and I encourage you to think about and possibly even draw your idea of the first sin, it’ll make you think past just the physical words and into what it might’ve been if it were you in that garden.

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