Last night I went home just before chapel to upload a blog and when I got back to camp it was a whole new scene; parents everywhere. The parking lot was full and the tabernacle was packed, luckily my roommate had saved me a seat. During worship I was looking around at everyone new here and what I saw filled me with joy.

Sometimes at the camps when parents visit they sit in the back with their kids and maybe even without their kids. Last night that was not the case. Parents mixed in with kids, mixed in with counselors, and filled the whole tabernacle. It was great to see the parents not separate themselves from the rest of the kids but be involved with worship and dancing. Up front or in the back everyone was excited to be there and the kids were happy to connect with their parents. You could feel the joy the campers and parents shared to see each other.

Unfortunately when kids get around their parents they can tend to be a little hesitant in their actions, but not last night. They worshipped with emphasis, offered answers about sermons, and wanted to help decorate the box for the altar. It gives me a lot of hope that when they leave camp in a couple days that they won’t hide their faith from the world, rather they’re going to share it and be proud of what they’ve learned.

During worship at night we sing a song called “We won’t be Quiet” and it says “We’ll call it out loud from the rooftop, we won’t be quiet. We’re falling for you hard and we can’t stop, we won’t deny it.” When I think about what these kids will do after camp this is all I can think of.

I know for a fact it can be hard to leave camp in the middle of summer and keep your flame for Christ going all year long but these kids are tough. They’re smart, proud of who they are, and know what they stand for, I’m confident in saying they’re stronger that I was at their age. This next generation is going to make great disciples. They’re blessed to have great role models and a strong support system and I’m blessed to see them grow.

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  1. It was great to have praise and worship with all the kids and staff! Thanks for all that you do for them, it’s great to see how much they really do love the Lord.

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