“’What’s impossible with God?’ ‘Nothin’ coach’” Nothing truer rang out from our movie this morning. In the tabernacle after a glorious extra hour of sleep we picked up our pillows and bunkered down for a movie. Before this morning, I’d never heard of “Facing the Giants” and I really thought it had giants in it.

It’s actually about a 0-3 Christian high school football team. Now I’m not overly fond of sports movies but after watching it this morning, I bought it. It had a strong message about faith and it was just an all-around good movie. Towards the end the coach is asking his team what is impossible with God and they all responded nothing, giving them the strength to keep going. After the movie, Mike Bill asked the kids if anything was impossible with God and they all replied no. Mike had us think about an obstacle in our lives that God can make possible and when we had thought of it we put our fingers on our nose. When every finger was in place we prayed over it, giving our obstacle to Him and giving ourselves courage to work on our obstacle with Him.

Last night at the end of service we wrote what the world thought of us on a “Hello my name is” sticker and stuck it to the side of our box. After our negative stickers were gone we got another “Hello my name is” sticker with a word of encouragement and a bible verse on it, telling us that we are nothing negative to God. “Our identity is not found in the things of this world for the things of this world are fleeting” Dan Ulrich, our speaker, said this last night and I hope it hit the campers as hard as it hit me. The things of this world don’t make us, and what people think and say of us aren’t us. We are all children of God, we are all one family and even though the things of this world may bring us down, we always have God on our side to lift us up..

These kids are getting messages of love and encouragement every day and by the end of the week should feel strong enough to conquer anything. After all, nothing is impossible with God.

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