More than once in the past couple days I’ve heard someone say something about having a servant’s heart and it’s had me looking around. There are so many people out here this week serving The Lord in different ways but there is one thing that has really stood out to me. During the staff meeting we talked about how we’re here to serve The Lord and the campers but I must say these kids have a servant’s heart without even knowing it.

It’s only the second full day and these kids are amazing me. More than once I’ve been sitting at a table, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and these kids get up and clear the entire table without anything being said to them. They never leave any task unaccomplished, even when it comes to sticking their hands in the yucky rag bucket to wipe down our tables after a sticky syrup filled breakfast. The other intern and I can be discussing something and a camper will come up and ask if they can clear our plates for us, when going to the drink machine they will always ask those around them if they need anything and the runners at meals make sure everyone has the food they need before sitting down themselves. These kids are showing outstanding servitude and selflessness without thinking twice. They’re always concerned about those around them and always putting others first. It doesn’t seem to matter to them if the little deed they’ve done goes unnoticed, they’re content with doing it anyway; they aren’t concerned with becoming “Famous” for their actions. These kids (and parents) are doing something right and we could take a lesson or two from them.

We have here a group of preteen and teenagers that are literally serving The Lord and others with every action. With the influences of the world it’s a known fact that being selfless and always serving is not the easiest thing for them to do and they’re overcoming those influences. The phrase “having a servant’s heart” is not lost in this group and their love should be recognized, I’m so grateful of the young adults they’re becoming.

Image credit: Sandara Lee