I wish more people knew who B.Reith was, but it’s okay, that’s the point of this Song of the Week thing right? To provide information of artists you might not know of or songs you haven’t ever heard of before? Exactly! B.Reith hit the scene back in 2009 with The Forecast EP and since then has released Now Is Not Forever (2009), How The Story Ends (2011), and How The Story Continues Volume 1 (2012) – all with Gotee Records, which if you don’t know, is the record label created by Tobymac.

“Made for More” is simply about being made for more in our lives because He can fix us and save us. The verses are geared towards everyday problems in a young person’s life, rapped by B.Reith and then Lecrae. The chorus at the end, sung by Lisa Gungor, is a cry out to Him – “Who can save us now, The one who conquered death can raise us from the ground, oh. We were made for more than this.”

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