Our fourth post in an ongoing series right here on the blog: Kevin Wolf, who has served as a counselor and on both permanent and summer staff, has been willing to share his devotion with us. If you would like to share your testimony or what God’s been teaching you, email with blog testimony in the subject line.

I heard a poignant question recently. I don’t remember the who, what, when, where or why behind it but I do remember the question. Someone said to me (and if you are the “who” or know the “what,” feel free to say so below), “If this is as good as life gets, will you still follow God?”

The timing of the quote was, and still is, impeccable. For those who haven’t heard the story of my life the past few years, I’ll briefly update you here. I graduated from Asbury University in May of 2011.  I came out with big expectations and bigger goals. I envisioned the transition from college to the real world to be a seamless one. I was hired to work at Delanco that summer. My plan was to spend the month between graduation and the start of the Delanco summer applying for jobs. I’d line up a few interviews throughout the summer and get some job offer that I’d start soon after that. Unfortunately, it didn’t work that way. I applied for 50, if not more, jobs that summer and each one came up empty: no job offer, no interview; not even a hint of interest.

After that summer, I began working at Target as a seasonal shelf stocker. I confidently told my interviewer: “I didn’t graduate from college to stock shelves at Target, with all respect to you and this store. When I get a full-time job offer in my field of study, I’m not going to deny it for this job.” She was very understanding. It seemed what we needed and could provide were in sync. They needed workers and I needed something to bridge the gap. It was the perfect situation. At the end of my contract, they let the majority of the seasonal employees go but kept two: myself and another guy named Chris. I continued to apply for jobs, doing my best to keep the faith that if I continued to remain diligent, I’d be rewarded with the one thing every college graduate wants: independence.

Month after month passed and with each passing month, my optimism began to fade. The optimism quickly turned cautious. Soon after that, my seemingly endless well of optimism ran dry. I hit bottom when my car, Blue – as I called him, was in need of around $1,600 worth of repairs and I was in no place to put forth the money. Suddenly, I wasn’t in need of a lucky break anymore. I was in need of a miracle.

The lone bright point happened in August when I stopped working at Target and began working at a nearby church as its media director. It is in my field of study but is also part-time employment. It was a risk because I knew I’d be taking a pay decrease with the new job.

This is where I am now, in between a rock and a hard place with no easy way out. I’m officially a member of the “down on his luck” college graduate group who can’t seem to get ahead in life. Every day I’m reminded of the quote that brings us to this point: “If this is as good as life gets,” even if only temporarily, “will you still follow God?”

Something to think about.

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