Name: Scott Bostwick
Nickname: Passepartout (for Junior Camp, anyway)
Hometown: Long Branch
Family: Wife Karen; Sons Jason, 5, Ryan, 3
Education: Monmouth University BA, Princeton Theological Seminary M.Div
Occupation: Pastor
Years Attending Camp: 17 years
Years Attending Delanco Camp: 17 years
Life Verse: Romans 5:8
Elevator Testimony: Are you as messed up as I am?
Favorite Foods: Sushi, fresh fruit smoothies; iced coffee
Favorite Books: currently reading The Christian Atheist
Favorite Sports Teams: Jets, Yankees
Favorite Movies: Star Wars IV-VI, Bourne trilogy
Favorite TV Shows: Fringe, Burn Notice

What actor would play you in a movie? Clint Eastwood asked, but I’m stringing Vin Diesel and Jason Statham along

The theme at Junior Camp this year is Passport to Paradise. Does this mean you are going to be wearing Hawaiian shirts all week like Rick Warren? 

It’s a good possibility, although I hear that Rick may have copyrighted the look in “The Purpose Driven Shirt”

What are you going to speaking about in your messages? 

That in Jesus’ Great Commission from Matthew 28 we are all called to “make disciples of all nations,” and in Acts 1 to be Christ’s witnesses “to the ends of the Earth.” For some, the calling may be to become a missionary; for others, our mission field may be our own school or town. And while in different places there may be different languages and customs, we all serve the same Christ.

Where is paradise (on earth) for you located? Any place with a palm tree and a beach.

What are you most looking forward to being out at camp this year? Reconnecting with friends and campers; and pretzel-roll sandwich day.

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