If you’ve ever been to one of our camps or even spent any time on this blog, you’ll know that the Pretzel Roll Sandwich is one of our signatures and, according to this year’s Blog Madness, our most beloved camp food. Every Friday of camp, the foil balls at lunch time signal that the last full day of camp isn’t quite so bad after all.

The first time I had a Pretzel Roll Sandwich at camp it was a rarity. I hadn’t yet been to Isaac’s (a Central Pa. chain), discovered Heritage’s pretzel rolls (which are more pretzel than roll) or seen any of the so-called pretzel rolls sold at the supermarket. In other words, it was a summer camp thing, a novelty best enjoyed on the grounds of camp. The one time I came home with leftover frozen rolls and rationed them out over a couple months illustrated that point even more. They were good warmed up in my microwave, but just not the same.

Enter the Pretzelnator, a crowdsourced burger now available at McDonald’s in Germany and perhaps some time in the future stateside.

According to Laughing Squid:

The Pretzelnator is the first of five burgers to be created from the crowd-sourced Mein Burger campaign started by Berlin agency Razorfish Germany for McDonald’s Germany. In this campaign, McDonald’s Germany encouraged their customers to create a custom burger and then have their creation voted on at their website. The winning Pretzelnator burger is now being served in McDonald’s locations in Germany for a limited time. It is topped with ham, American and Italian cheese and has a pretzel-like bun.

What do you think? Should we talk to Mama McCullough about experimenting with burgers on our beloved Pretzel Roll Sandwiches or leave that to the Germans? Also, if the Pretzelnator became available at your local MickyDs, would you try one?

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2 thoughts on “Pretzelnator = Pretzel Roll Burger

  1. That burger, yes. However, when it gets to America, it’d have two or three burgers on it and would be enough of a turn-off.

  2. I’d try one. At Delanco Camp, I like what we have already. Pepperoni can’t be beat.

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