In the NCAA tournament, Cinderellas usually face a rude awakening in the second round of the tournament like Norfolk State and Lehigh University had as 15 seeds over the weekend. But things were different here in the Blog Madness as Salad Bar is still alive as the lowest seed advancing to the round of 16.

Salad Bar knocked off Sweet & Sour Chicken to become the first 15 seed to make it to the Sweet 16. The most surprising upset of the second round though may have been Chicken Parm upending Tacos in the Dinner Regional in a game that wasn’t even close.

Stromboli was one of only two double-digit seeds to advance, winning by a point over Spaghetti with Meatballs in overtime (ties go to the lower seed).

Pretzel Roll Sandwiches continued their dominate ways despite giving up their first votes of the tournament — three — to Burgers. Turkey Dinner had an identical lopsided victory over Cranberry Sauce and Scrambled Eggs cruised to victory. The 1 seed in the Dessert/Snack Regional didn’t fair so well, losing to Peanut Butter Kandy Kake to become the first No. 1 seed not to advance to the Sweet 16 of the Blog Madness.

The last beverage in the tournament, Boost, was defeated handily and Pizza was dominate over Grilled Cheese in the battle of comfort foods. Lucky Charms is the only cereal or cereal derived product remaining with Rice Krispie Treats getting sent packing by the surviving Grease Night representative in Mozzarella Sticks (Chicken Nuggets were defeated by Dirt and Pizza Bites lost in the first round).

Looking ahead, the match-ups to pay close attention to the Bacon and Biscuits & Gravy battle in the Breakfast Region and the Kandy Kake and Dirt clash in the Dessert/Snack Regional. As always, vote early and vote often to decide what foods will advance to the Elite 8.

Voting for the Sweet 16 has ended. Vote for future rounds at

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