John 17:24: “Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am, and to see my glory, the glory you have given me because you loved me before the creation of the world.

I love to share things with my family and friends. It just doesn’t mean as much to me to experience wonderful things without someone I care about to be there and experience it with me. In my work I’ve traveled to many parts of the country and I’m always tempted to do a little sightseeing but most of the time I never do because I have no one to share it with, I’m usually alone.

My brother and I often talk about how we would rather share a bologna sandwich meal with our families than sit and eat a steak dinner all alone. But we don’t have to make that choice with Jesus. God promises us the greatest feast imaginable with all our friends in heaven if we just believe. Heaven is something to be shared, something we should want all our friends, family and people we haven’t met to experience with us. We should want to invite everyone to join us in the eternal celebration.

Jesus is inviting all of us to be with him, to see and experience his glory firsthand and share that with everyone we know. Make a special effort today to reach out to someone and invite them to the greatest celebration that will ever exist. Invite someone to join you in experiencing the glory of God and love of Jesus firsthand. The invitation is available to all but it is up to us to make sure the invitations are delivered.

Prayer: Heavenly father, I want to experience your glory in heaven with all my friends at my side. Please help me to reach out to those around me and offer them the invitation to join me in the celebration of eternal life.

Check back here tomorrow and throughout the Lent season as members of the camp community share daily devotions.

Eric Ulrich is currently the president of Delanco Camp, a member of Sicklerville United Methodist Church and Pop-Pop to Abigail. Image source: Wikimedia Commons.

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