The first ever winter Delanco Camp Polar Bear Plunge (there was one held in an icy kiddy pool at Jr. High 1 last summer) was held in Lake Agape yesterday with 22 brave souls taking the plunge into the icy water to raise money for the camp. More than $2,000 was raised from the event, the first of what we hope will be an annual event.

Tyler Callahan won the award for best costume and Rich Dugan (the dad) was the highest fundraiser. For those of you who plunged yesterday, what did it feel like when you hit that icy cold water?

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3 thoughts on “Freezing For A Reason

  1. The water was so cold it took my breath away, but I am doing it again next year with my pals Mark Buzby and Robby Corliss if they don’t chicken out again because its for a great cause!

  2. You definitely had to reorient yourself and conscientiously think about standing up and walking out of the water. Lots of fun though. Can’t wait until next year!

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