Last night, the campers played indoor games because of the rain. They played a game similar to bombardment in that both the girls’ team and the boys’ team had to try to get the other team out by throwing balls at them. However, in last night’s game each team had a medic type person who could use their foam staff to tap a teammate to get them back in the game. Sounds quite confusing, I know, but the kids were having fun and that’s what really matters. The girls won the last round of the game and the boys were not happy about it.

Today is the last full day of camp, not only for the week but for the summer—how sad! Still, the campers aren’t even thinking about that because they’re too busy squeezing in as much fun as possible before the day ends.

The planned recreation activity was GaGa Ball, and the campers love that game. The object of GaGa Ball is to be the last person in the GaGa ring. The kids were allowed to hit the ball with their hand and had to dodge the ball. If the ball hit anyone, that person was out of the game. During free time, some of the campers went to the craft shop to make decorative pens using ribbon and colorful pompoms. They also designed creations using supplies left over from previous days. Other campers enjoyed swimming in the lake, going out on boat rides, and playing cards.

I can’t believe that my internship is over; I feel like I just started. I’m glad I was able to provide you all with an inside look at what a week of camp is like. I had fun being around the campers and watching them enjoy themselves and make new friends. It’s great seeing young kids come to know God and want to live for him!

See more photos from the week at the Middler Camp 2011 Picasa page. See and buy prints of group photos HERE.

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