Let me just say that last night was amazing! Tenth Avenue North rocked the house; everybody was on their feet praising God and enjoying the music. After the concert, night games took place. The campers had to find various stations set up around camp. Each station had a black light plugged into an extension cord that alerted the teams to the clues hidden there. Each clue was written in code and had to be taken to the decoder so the campers could move on to the next step. Counselor Ian Gattuso’s team was the first to collect and decode all of the clues. The clues led them to find hidden messages in the dining hall by holding a black light up to one of the walls. The hidden message said to read Ephesians 5:8, thus making Ian’s team the winners. It sounds complicated, but the campers were able to figure it out and have a blast while doing it.

Today started out nice until the humidity set in; however, the campers didn’t let that spoil their day. During morning chapel the campers played Gorilla, Man, Gun. It’s just like Rock, Paper, Scissors, except it has a song that tells you what to do; “Gorilla beats the man, man beats the gun, and the gun beats the gorilla, but if you tie you die.” Nobody does any actual dying, but you do lose if you tie. It came down to the final two: a camper named Sanchez and Mike Bill, one of the deans. Sanchez lost, but he still got to spin the wheel of prizes. The wheel of prizes is a flash animation that works like the wheel on Wheel of Fortune. The camper gets whatever prize it stops on. Tenth Avenue North also did their infamous “who-has-the-clothespin” game. A clothespin gets passed around camp and the campers have to clip it to another camper without getting caught. The goal is to not be the last one with the clothespin clipped to you. Fortunately for Frank, the camper with the clothespin, the challenge wasn’t too bad. Frank just had to pretend he was playing a saxophone along with the music coming from the amps.

Unfortunately, it started thundering and pouring during lunch. On the bright side, the campers met in the Tabernacle where they played an interesting game using the days of the week as team names. Each time a day of the week was called, the campers had to sit in rows according to their team name. For example, if Saturday was called out, the team with that name would be in the front row, while Sunday was in the second row, Monday was in the third row, and so forth. After the game ended, the campers got to watch Disney’s Rio and eat popcorn. When the movie finished, the rain stopped and the sun was out, so the campers had a half an hour of free time before 4:30 check-in. That’s when the counselors count their assigned campers and everybody gets ready for dinner.

See more photos at the Junior High 2 Picasa page.

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