Keeping with the winter theme for the week we’re celebrating Christmas today. The day started with us having breakfast in our pajamas while watching the Peanuts Christmas special. All the campers then participated in a white elephant gift exchange. Some funny gifts, such as the Justin Bieber movie, were received, but the campers had fun.

During Team Time the, campers did Extreme Home Makeover: Gingerbread House Edition, which involved them building gingerbread houses out of cardboard. They were allowed to decorate the outside of their “houses” with paint and anything else they could find. The teams were very creative. The Grizzlies, led by Jon Henry and Caitlin Petit, both weekly staff members, won with their awesome castle and its drawbridge focal point.

Though we are celebrating Christmas today, tonight is the Christmas Eve service and the A Christmas Story night game. The speaker for the week, Jamie Damm, has been talking about Jesus’ love for us and what it means. Jamie has explained how Jesus loves mankind so much that he died for each and every one of us, that we need to tell everyone about Jesus’ love, and that even the little things we do can lead others to salvation.

See more photos from Christmas day at summer camp HERE.

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