Since last night was the first night of junior camp, we played the mingle game, which, as every previous camper knows, is the best Delanco ice-breaker tradition.

Today was a very event-filled first full day for the campers. Morning chapel involved singing some old favorites from years past, as well as doing some dance moves. The campers then had two classes with a break in between to grab some snacks and refreshments. The kids all enjoyed their chicken patties for lunch and fresh baked cookies for dessert. Free time was the highlight of their day, however, because events were scheduled for every hour. The swim test was at 1:30; Carrie Caufield set up an outdoor nail salon at 2:30; and a fishing contest was held at 3:30.

You’ll all get to find out tomorrow what tonight’s fun activity will be and, of course, there will be pictures.

To view more photos from yesterday and today, visit our Picasa HERE.

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