As people across the nation tune in to find out how the brackets for this 2011 NCAA men’s basketball tournament will look, we here at the Delanco Camp Blog have our own brackets to introduce. As we did last year with the Battle of the Night Games, this year we’ll have the Battle of the Camp Shirts. Though we weren’t able to collect enough T-shirt photos to fill a field of 64 (or 68 as the big tourney is this year), we have 60 shirts competing in a tournament style poll. You’ll be able to cast one vote per day in each of the rounds, beginning with first round match-ups on through to the championship game. The No. 1 seeds get a buy to the second round. Let the voting begin.

Vote By Regions
Powell Place Region
Lake Agape Region
Gazebo Region
Pavilion Region

10 thoughts on “Blog Madness: Battle of the Camp Shirts

  1. I really hope that “Small is the new Big” shirt wins it all!
    I always feel so bigger when i wear it, and more out spoken =]

  2. I think Turtle is going on all the public computers at Eastern and voting for his shirt. I cry foul!!!! 🙂

    1. Technically, if someone does do that it’s not against the rules although I would hope people would vote only once per 24 hours.

  3. I have this shirt to add. my mom gave it to me from when she went to camp. It’s from the year 1976. K bye.

      1. We won’t be doing T-shirts for the Blog Madness next year, but it would still be great to see a photo of the shirt.

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