Brandon with his Middler Camp co-dean Becky Wrentzel

Name: Brandon Cobb
Hometown: Millville
Years Attending Camp: Over 20
Positions held at camp: counselor, teacher, dean of men, dean
Occupation: Teacher
Favorite Camp Meal: meatballs and brown gravy
Snack: ice cream
Elevator Testimony: I grew up in a Christian home. I started going to camp with my parents while they were on staff. I became a Christian while I was at a Teen Camp when I was 10 years old. Still very active in church and Delanco and loving it.

When did you first hear about camp and start coming?

I started going to camp as a little kid while my parents were on staff. I started going to camp as a camper once I was in youth group with Rev. Bodine.

Why is Delanco important to you?

I have had many great experiences at Delanco; it is where I was saved and where I made many commitments to God.

What do you see is the value of camp ministry in today’s day and age?

Delanco is a great place for young people to get away from the world and meet Christ. Camp is a place where like-minded people can worship freely and completely focus on God.

What is your fondest memory at camp?

The night I accepted Jesus as my Savior I remember going on a hay ride and looking at the crystal clear sky and realizing that the maker of all those stars cared enough about me to send His Son to die for me. I will never forget that night.

What are your goals while serving on the board?

I would like to see Delanco’s ministry grow and continue to win souls for Christ for many generations. Being a part of decisions that will make that possible would be great.

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