The end of 2010 as we know it is approaching, which means it’s time to take a look back at the year behind us and reflect on all the good times we had at Delanco Camp. In January, you’ll have a chance to vote on some different favorites from the year 2010 at camp, but in order to narrow down the choices we wanted to give you a chance to nominate what should be included. Do us a favor and fill out the nominations form below (Make sure you click the submit button at the bottom of the form when you are done). Click HERE if the form is not loading.

6 thoughts on “2010 DC Award Nominations

    1. It should be working now. Not sure what happened; it was working for me earlier and then all of a sudden decided to quit.

  1. I don’t think it’s working anymore. It kept taking me to sign in at google, and then when i got to the page again it said “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”

    1. Internet Explorer hates the internet so that might have something to do with your problems. You can just post them here or e-mail them to me at

      Favorite Meal
      Favorite Dessert
      Favorite Snack (From Ye Old Sweet Shoppe)
      Favorite Activity
      Favorite Planned Rec. Game
      Favorite Free Time Activity
      Favorite Night Game
      Favorite Theme
      Favorite Worship Song
      Favorite Song (Not sung in worship)
      Favorite Band
      Favorite Craft Project
      Favorite Sermon Title
      Favorite Bible Verse
      Favorite God Moment
      Favorite Place For Quiet Time
      Favorite Class
      Favorite Quote
      Nominate Category

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