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I guess you can’t expect a whole lot from a Disney show about the “Suite Life” of two twins living in a hotel, but the scenes at Camp Knock-A-Number are pretty embarrassing. It’s obviously a typical backyard set on a sound stage with a camp sign.

Fortunately for us, there is nothing sound stage about the grounds at Lake Agape. Or Suite Life for that matter. But we have had a fair share of twins come to camp over the years. In fact, when I showed up to camp for the first time as a sixth grader I thought I was seeing double when I spotted the Brown twins (Brandon and Ryan) in the registration line. The Slota twins (Erin and Michelle) were also camp regulars with me back in the day and in more recent years as a counselor the Eastlack twins (Dan and Steve) come to mind.

Which Delanco Camp twins am I forgetting?

4 thoughts on “Summer Camp Culture – Zach and Cody

  1. Well, Matt Ralph and I are not twins (16 months apart) and do not really look much alike, but for some reason people at camp think that we’re the same person.

    1. I figured you were going to make some comment about how we had haircuts like Zach and Cody when we were younger.

  2. I am surprised that none of the 30 – 40 somethings have commented on this yet but there were Ellen & Linda Peirson who attended back in the 80’s.

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