I guess, technically, it began last night but, I’ve always felt like Tenth Avenue North ruled the roost during the Sunday night time and JH3 begins on Monday morning. Either way, here we are on the first unofficial day/night of Junior High 3 and it has been a fun one.

Similar to Junior Camp, we have a plethora of activities taking place all throughout the camp, including Ultimate Frisbee, Nukem, Basketball, just to name a few.

For our planned recreation today, we took our camp pictures, all except for one dorm, Boys Left Side (strong side!), because we ran out of time before the dean sent everyone to the swim test. But, we’ll get them tomorrow after lunch.

Franco, our speaker and Asbury graduate (woo, one more year until the Fearless Class shares that honor!), spoke about speech (reference verse: 1st Timothy 4:12) and how we, as Christians, should use our speech in truth and in love.

Our night game tonight involves turtle races and Doug Pettit; two phrases I never thought I’d say together, yet seem to run together so smoothly. I’ll be sure to upload a picture from the races after they happened. I feel it’ll be pretty epic, considering we’re talking about turtle races. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Junior High III Begins, Unofficially

  1. Doug Pettit would be the first person I would think of if someone said there were going to be Turtle races. Are you sure you never thought you'd say those two things together? I mean, Doug is basically the Delanco Camp version of the Crocodile Hunter.

    1. And he even once played the Crocodile Hunter for a night game. He actually found a snake and carried it around for the game. Apparently, the snake bit him several times, but that didn't stop him.

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